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General information:

*We offer hundreds of sizes and styles with the most common models in stock.
*Custom sizes are also an option.
*Sizes range from 1’ to 10’, square / rectangular or longer trench covers.
*Metal can be galvanized or stainless steel (SS suffix, recommended for coastal and high salt regions).
*Tray fill can be pavers (-P), concrete (-M), tile (-T) or turf (-G). Turf covers have a rounded upper lip.
*Trays can be solid, allow drainage around the perimeter or trees in the center (WG prefix). The WG60-60 is a 60cm drainage Grate, has the equivalent drainage as a 10” pipe and is ADA compliant.
*Our Tile family (-T) vary from 1-3" deep and are design for tile around pools or patios.
*Our part numbers refer the frame size in cm (WC70-70 is a 70cm square cover). Clear access is typically 2-4" (5-10cm) less.