Trench Covers

WunderCover trench covers are a high-performance product providing a better alternative to traditional steel plate covers.
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Easily blend without          sacrificing durability.

Easy to install, easy to remove, durable and available in a variety of custom sizes and configurations. Designed to deliver years and years of durability, even in the harshest of environmental conditions.

  • Custom Build

  • H20, H20+, & H25 Compliant

  • Any Sizing


Trench covers are available in any sizing, custom built for your specific project

Tray metal can be galvanized or stainless steel (SS suffix, recommended for coastal and high salt regions).
Safety Rating

All covers are engineered to at least an H-20 rating, which includes most SUVs, trucks, vans and work trucks, but can also exceed H20+ and H25 ratings for heavier loads. Tests of specific loads on specific grates can be performed in contractually required. 

Trench Prep





Finished Product

How To Order:


  • We offer hundreds of sizes and styles.
  • Most common models are in stock.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Sizes range from 1’ to 10’, square / rectangular or longer trench covers.
  • Part numbers refer the frame size in cm. For example, WC70-70 is a 70cm square cover. Clear access is typically 2-4" (5-10cm) less.


  • Galvanized steel.
  • Stainless steel (SS suffix) is recommended for coastal and high salt regions).


  • Tray fill can be pavers (-P), concrete (-M), tile (-T) or turf (-G). Turf covers have a rounded upper lip.
  • Trays can be solid, allow drainage around the perimeter or trees in the center (WG prefix). The WG60-60 is a 60cm drainage Grate, has the equivalent drainage as a 10” pipe and is ADA compliant.
  • Our Tile family (-T) vary from 1-3" deep and are design for tile around pools or patios.